Download Cydia impactor iOS 9 – v0.9.15

Cydia impactor iOS 9 is a powerful tool created by Saurik who is the inventor of Cydia for unjailbreak iOS 9 on any Apple device. You can bring back your device in to it’s original state using Cydia impactor by uninstall Cydia from your device. This prevents you by restore the device to remove Cydia and Cydia impactor will uninstall Cydia and clean all content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Cydia impactor iOS 9

Cydia impactor was previously introduced to root many Android devices. The older version is still available and you can download Cydia impactor for Windows, Linux and MACwith the version 0.1.14. Download Cydia impactor 0.1.15 is only possible through Cydia on your device itself. Please run Cydia and get the latest version of Cydia impactor using your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Cydia impactor requirements

You must have jailbroken your device to use Cydia impactor iOS 9. Be aware about having a full backup of your device because Cydia impactor will erase all data on your device.

Remove jailbreak with Cydia impactor

  • Backup your device with iTunes
  • Download Cydia impactor via Cydia
  • Connect your deviec to a power source or make sure your have enough battery life.
  • Run Cydia impactor by “delete all data and unjailbreak device”
  • Tap “Delete all” to confirm the unjailbreak.
  • Wait until Cydia impactor completes the process and you’ll be pointed to welcome screen and activation process at the end.

At the end you’ll have a fresh stock of your current iOS version and completely uninstalled the Cydia.

Cydia impactor supported devices

  • iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6plus
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, mini, air, mini 2, air 3
  • iPod touch 4, 5
  • Will not work on i Pod touch 6

Cydia impactor video guide

Cydia impactor is developed by Saurik. He hold all rights of his work and we don’t bare any responsibility of Cydia impactor.

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