Complete review for iOS 11.2 download and iOS 11.2 jailbreak

Are you desire to be the latest iPhone version? Of course, Apple developers too focused to keep you with the latest version of their firmware. So, as a result of that, now the iOS 11.2 is in the field with more added features, bug fixes, performance improvements and added features. So, all the users who are eligible to iOS 11 can upgrade their devices to this latest chapter. However, if you are a person desire to enjoy Cydia with your device, then you may eager to an era for jailbreak iOS 11.2. On the ground, let us concern all of those facts with this to have a clear idea.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

Of course, as the first major update to the 11th iteration, most of the users hope that the iOS 11.1 chapter will address more other promised features. Anyhow, as we hoped they haven’t touched all features with that. Therefore, most of the users are gathered around the second major update. So, can you satisfy with that, have they addressed all of those features. Ok, nothing to worry if you haven’t any idea about that till now. With the guide, I will mention those feature you can enjoy with iOS 11.2 download, readiness for iOS 11.2 Cydia download and more other facts.

Features you can enjoy with iOS 11.2 download

Yeah, now the iDevice users with the 64-bit devices, have the access to download iOS 11.2 to their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Of course, as the second major update to the 11th iteration, we could able to find some added features, bug fixes and improvements with the update. On the ground, let us see what are the thing the Apple developers tries to offer you with this chapter.

Add support for Airplayer 2

If you own the latest firmware running Apple TV then now you have the access to test the Airplayer 2 functionality with it. Of course, through the Airplayer you have the access to control the audio output of multiple devices with your iPhone. Yeah, those devices can be playing different media files. To see the list of those devices you need to open the Now playing widget in your control center.

Changes in icons and animations

Really, the developers have tweaked the animations and icons across apps. On the ground, when you swipe up to view the photo in the photo app you can find new animations there. Message app camera icon is now consistent with the camera app icon.

Enjoy iPhone 8 Wallpapers

Normally, with each and every new iDevices we can see a new range of wallpaper bundle. On the ground, this time with the iOS 11 iteration the Apple developers offer the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to the users. Of course, now with the 11.2 chapter you have the access to enjoy the iPhone 8 wallpapers with your older iPhone. Anyhow, the iPhone 6S and later users couldn’t able to enjoy these wallpapers.

Improved the Calculator app

Have you experienced any inconvenience situation with the iOS 11 calculator? Of course, the most occurred bug is that it couldn’t able to tally 1+2+3. anyhow, with this, they have addressed it and fixed.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

No access to locked the device with double-clicking the side button

Tthe latest iOS 11.2 chapter gain the feature of the newest iPhone X and based on that, no longer your devices locked when you double-clicking the side button.

Updated control Center UI

Enjoy the latest Tweaked Now playing widget in the control center as an album art. Of course, with the update now you can find a Square icon in Control Center for music instead of the round one.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

Updated emojis

Yeah, most of the iDevice users are willing to enjoy the features of emojis offered with the iOS firmware.On the ground, with this update too they have focused on addressed slightly some of the emoji icons like the camera and whiskey glass. And of course, a little bit the arrange of the emojis has changed.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

iOS 11.2 beta 3

The Latest iOS 11.2 beta three is now available for the developers and the members of the paid developers. And of course, hope the public tester version will be shortly available. Actually, in the moment there weren’t any words remaining to know what is the newest added features or difference available to the chapter.  Anyhow, it will be possible to address some of the features that the users are desired to have with their iDevices as apple initially addressed of the declaration of iOS 11 iteration like the iCloud support for iMessage and more. So, the paid developers now have the access to enjoy this newest test version of their iDevice download iOS 11.2 beta 3.

Updates for jailbreak iOS 11.2

Fine, as all of us know with the 11th chapter the Apple engineers focused to offer more great features for their users. At the moment what is the necessity we need to have for jailbreak iOS 11.2? Of course, with the Cydia download users can open the gate for another world off an app, themes and have the device as wish. On the ground, if anyone, reach to Cydia they may never ready to lose it again. Therefore, it is normal that the jailbreak fans seeking the access to Cydia iOS 11.2. But sorry to say that, still we haven’t the chance to jailbreak iOS 11.2.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

During the past time period several times we met some demonstrations related to iOS 11 jailbreak. But the fact, none of them weren’t lasting for a long time to be a public jailbreak utility. Anyhow, the recent effect was related to iOS 11.1.1 chapter from iOS hacker Liang Chen. Of course, he has demoed this on last POC2017, the event in Seoul, South Korea. Yeah, according to the demo foremost at the first time Chen got success to blast the iPhone X with the 11.1.1 chapter. and seems it is a semi-untethered cracking tool. Anyhow as like the other demos, this is a show off to prove the breakability of the chapter. And according to the remaining facts, it will not become a public utility.

But nothing to be disappointed, that you haven’t the access to enjoy Cydia iOS 11.2. Because, now, the Luca’s Webkit Exploit, the newest Chen’s demos, prove that, hackers are focusing on the chapter. Anyhow, till now there wasn’t any confirmation that provides the access to Cydia download for the 11.2 version. Therefore, let us wait and see what will be in future. Stay tuned with us to update with the all newest facts.

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